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Search engine optimization (SEO)


Today business owners know they must pay attention to the numbers and ensure they receive the maximum return and affect for their investments. The Tactical Marketing Search engine optimization (SEO) program provides  the best overall inbound customer traffic and a high level of return on investment, Guaranteed.


Every Business in the world needs qualified inbound customer traffic. With millions of companies competing in the same market and thousands of new companies opening their doors every year, you have to constantly improve your marketing position. Tactical Marketing Provides guaranteed results. With the SEO Solution you can not only compete, you will WIN..

SEO - Is a highly specialized process to insure the best overall inbound customer traffic and the highest level of return on investment through implementing a variety of specialized activities. The starting process includes the following Stages:

  • Keyword Research & Recommendations (what keywords will pull in qualified traffic, how many searches do these terms/phrases get, how should keywords be used in the site to attract search traffic)

  • Review of Search Engine Friendliness Issues (URLs, KW Usage, Code, Internal Linking, Metadata, Sitemap Use, etc.)

  • Competitive Analysis (who's currently chasing traffic for their terms or targeting the audience they want, what are these sites doing right or wrong)

  • Design, Usability & User Experience Suggestions (to help improve the way visitors perceive/use the site, and make it more attractive to the "Linkerati")

  • Content Creation Suggestions (what kinds of content would be valuable to add to the site to attract additional traffic and convert existing users, are there potentials for "Linkbait")

  • Link Acquisition Suggestions (a list of some great places to start requesting, buying, and building links and ongoing strategies for a link campaign)

  • Recommendations for Avoiding Negative Search Engine Issues (duplicate content, URL cannibalization, re-direction of content - I note that they have multiple domains, etc.)

After the starting process is completed, the SEO-rebuild of the whole-site Begins. All SEO-rebuilds services provided by Tactical Marketing include:

  • New Design for the Site (using CSS and some gorgeous graphics to help them accomplish the design-bait process)

  • Information Architecture (designing the content flow and wireframing the various site components - note, this would encompass the usabilty, user experience & design suggestions from above)

  • New Content Components (including, most likely, a blog, a more in-depth tour and many other items)

  • Construction of the site (Programming, CSS, CMS, domain canonicalization, etc.)

  • SEO & Keyword Targeting (Implementing the best where and how to

  • use of relevant keywords to draw in search traffic, optimizing pages for search engines, etc.)

  • Public Relations (At launch of the new site, we'd help to spread the word to relevant press sources - local newspapers, blogers, magazines, etc.)

  • Link Building & Linkbait (Helping the site to develop the links necessary to rank for their targeted keywords and attract additional, relevant referral traffic)

  • Analytics Installation and Reporting (Even the best sites need constant tracking and improvement. We install analytics programs that provide action tracking works and provide updated reports until the end of the consulting process)


Order your SEO Service:


Search engine optimization (SEO) development prices are provided by estimates only. To request information or to get a price quote on our  services Click here

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