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Tactical Marketing SelfMailer Program


Send UNLIMITED email advertisements daily that are  100% compliant with all State, Federal, and international laws



The SelfMailer is a powerful commercial email software system that integrates all relevant state and Federal Laws and mandates into an easy to use package ensuring customers have the tools to be fully compliant with the law. State and Federal laws intend to control unsolicited commercial e-mail messages by prohibiting false headers and the unauthorized use of proxies or relay servers to send email. SelfMailer's, unique technology allows you to send large volumes of email at high speed and ensures you stay compliant with the latest US email marketing laws & regulations.

The SelfMailer system is made up of three components all of which are included when you sign up for your SelfMailer account:
1. A real remote Windows Server, located offshore.
2. Remote control software (allows you to take control of your server from anywhere in the world via the internet with ease)

3 The SelfMailer system provides all the software you need to deliver millions of advertisements to your targeted customers. Once your account is set up, we assist you in logging into your personal server through the Remote control software. this allows you to take control of another computer (in this case, your personal server) so you see your server's computer screen on your monitor. All your mouse movements and keystrokes are directly transferred to the remote machine. Simply open your SelfMailer remote software on any computer, load in your email lists, your email ad copy, and send directly through any internet connection 100% compliant with all state and federal laws! Your email campaigns are distributed quickly, effectively, and legally!

Just a few of your SelfMailer Benefits:

  • Send UNLIMITED advertisements

  • Send 100 advertisements every 65 seconds.

  • 100% compliant with all State and Federal laws

  • Cost as low as $20-$40 per million emails advertisement sent.

  • Automatic IP Rotates thru over 50 IP address, Daily

  • Never have your advertisement blocked

  • Receive notification your advertisements are read by customers

  • Schedule your mailings to start automatically any time you want.

  • Access to your own personal 2000 server, offshore

  • Broadcast email LEGALLY 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

  • LIVE technical support

  • Send 1-2 million emails p/day (results may vary based on msg. size, list, etc.)

  • Penetrate email filters of hard to deliver domains and major ISPs

  • Verifies and cleans your email lists of undeliverable as it sends

  • Easy to use interface

  • Say goodbye to illegal relays & proxy servers

  • Port 25 ISP not required (not affected by port 25 blocking issues)

  • Free product support

  • You control your mailings results from any where in the world.

SelfMailer Server information:

  • Windows 2000 or 2003 Server OS.

  • Compaq Proliant DL server

  • Dual CPU 1.5G

  • 2048 K Memory

  • Dual Ultra SCSI 10k Hard drive

  • 2048K or Larger internet speed.

  • Easy to use interface

  • No more sharing bandwidth with other mailers.

  • You control your own server and internet connection.

  • Which means you take advantage of all the bandwidth yourself!


How SelfMailer sends in compliance with the Law:
SelfMailer was developed in accordance with all State and federal law to enable marketers to send out large volumes of email LEGALLY.


SelfMailer allows its user to route all email directly through your own personal remote server (included in the SelfMailer package) and send directly to your targeted customers without the use of 3rd party proxies or servers! Within 24 hours of any State or Federal law being established or revised SelfMailer is updated to ensure you are always in compliance with the newest email marketing laws.


Order your SelfMailer Service:


The Tactical Marketing SelfMailer is a online service, offered with weekly and monthly pricing: 
(1) $1200 per month (unlimited emails)      (2) $399 per week (unlimited emails)

To Place your order Contact your Account Manager or
Click here

For more information on the SelfMailer contact your Tactical Marketing partner by
Click here

Performance tips to get the most out of SelfMailer:

The main premise behind SelfMailer is to provide a 100% lawful complaint, high speed email delivery without any interruption to your internal system. Below you will find a list of pointers that will assist you in achieving optimum performance while using SelfMailer.

Connection speed:
We recommend that you work with SelfMailer through a DSL, Cable, Satellite, or faster internet connection. The connection speed of your computer only needs to be fast enough to communicate with the SelfMailer remote server. For that reason, a DSL, Cable, Satellite, or faster internet connection will do the trick. The connection speed of your offshore SelfMailer server (not your local computer) is what determines the speed of your outgoing mailings.

The type of email lists used:

single domain or mixed domain email lists? Using single domain mailing lists can greatly increase performance by 10 times or more. When you use a mixed email list with different domains, All email software programs will perform a separate server session for each email it sends which may result in slower mailing speeds. If you use a single domain email list, SelfMailer will send the number of emails per session you specify, which increases the speed in which you can send per hour.

Deliverability of your list:
If your list contains invalid email addresses some of the emailing threads in SelfMailer will waste time trying to connect to invalid / non-existent mail servers. To avoid this SelfMailer will remove and separate the email addresses that are undeliverable for your future use. Or purchase our ready to use email list to ensure you are broadcasting to FRESH addresses.

Speed of destination mail servers:
Delivery speed is a unique value for every domain and it depends on the destination server's location on the Internet. Normally you can send at quicker rates when emailing to larger ISPs.

Size of your email message:
Smaller messages put less strain on the receiving end mail server. Therefore, you will achieve noticeably higher delivery speeds when using smaller email messages in your campaigns.



1-2 million emails per day has been achieved through the SelfMailer system. That Equates to 30-60 million emails sent per month. That breaks down to a raw cost $20-$40 per million emails sent. (speed will differ depending on your msg. size, your email list, etc). With this in mind, SelfMailer proves itself to be a highly COST-EFFECTIVE email marketing system. Set up your SelfMailer account TODAY. We are certain you will be pleased with its functionality & performance!



Tactical Marketing provides advertisement design and Guaranteed Results:


Tactical Marketing Designers create custom advertisements that capture your customers interest. Combined with Tactical Marketing data, the right offer, and the right sales team your marketing campaign will be a huge success. Tactical Marketing can create a new image for you, improve your existing advertisement design, or work with your internal design staff to format your current advertisement. For Design samples contact your Tactical Marketing partner by Click here  
The most important factor when choosing a Marketing Firm is Results. Tactical Marketing provides Guaranteed Results based on the products and or services offered, current marketing conditions, the marketing media used, and marketing campaign size. For more information contact your Tactical Marketing partner by Click here  









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