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Frequently Questions and Answers




What does Tactical Marketing do?

Customer Engagement programs use real-world customers experiences to drive the development and adoption of your services. Including customers throughout the product lifecycle makes for better products, marketing that is more effective, stronger sales, and longer lasting relationships. And weve been doing it long enough to know how to make it happen from end to end by putting our experienced Customer Engagement team to work for you.

Business Intelligence delivers consulting and marketing operations management that helps you reduce overhead costs and gain strategic insight into the information you need. And because we know the marketing world as well as the business side of things, we can help determine how and when youll use your data.

Marketing and Consulting Services help to make your decisions smarter, your operations more efficient, and your marketing more effective through high-value consulting, project management, and marketing expertise. We bring our experience and passion to the table to help make your life easier.



Do the Tactical Marketing programs and services work?

The most important factor when choosing a marketing Firm and media is Results. Tactical Marketing provides Guaranteed Results based on the products and or services offered, current marketing conditions, the marketing media used, and marketing campaign size.



Where do our lists come from?

We offers one of the largest databases of targeted customer demographics in the industry. We receive over 3,000,000 new records annually and process them within five days of receipt. The marketing database has over 17,900,000 business records and over 84,500,000 consumers records. Over 93,000,000 contacts are made  annually to verify and update the marketing data. Files are derived form a wide range of sources, including but not limited to: paid and non-paid subscriber lists; Publications; Licensing and Trade Originations; Associations; City, County, State and Federal Offices; Member Directories, Special interest member list; subscribers of various services; Internet subscribers; etc.



How do your programs work?

The Tactical Marketing programs are very simple to understand. We build information and excitement for you and services. We have targeted data to be used with all forms of direct marketing, and behavioral targeting. We  track customers demographics and leverage technology to drive you more and more customers.



If we buy leads, how many times are your leads sold?
Our customers and leads are 100% exclusive, unless specifically stated in your written agreement form.


How much are your service and leads?
When we offer programs with a set amount of leads, the cost are set in your signed agreement form

Can I filter data or lead by state/location?
Yes, you can filter by state, city, county, mile radius, zip codes, area codes, land marks, etc

Can I select other filters?
Yes, you can filter by location, interest rate, LTV, Loan amount, Credit, and more.

How old is data and or leads?
Leads dated for today's date are 0-24 hours; delivery is based on your agreement form.


D0 you offer volume discounts?
Yes, we have yearly-unlimited lead plans and volume discounts for companies that use 100+ leads per month.


D0 you offer free test leads?
No, we do not offer test leads as all leads are generated specifically for clients using the marketing copy we design for them. We set our min agreement (order) at 25 leads, which is a fair test amount of leads.


What format do you leads come in?
If we offer campaigns with l
eads, they can be download leads in CSV/EXCEL, Print PDF's, automatically emailed, or faxed to you.


How do you generate your data and leads?
Our data and leads are generated using every form of direct marketing we have available, we also use affiliate marketing, banners, and domain traffic.



What is your close ratio on your leads?
Close ratio vary based on clients, some customers say 20% or higher and others have a 5% close ratio.

Do you replace inaccurate/bad data or leads or service?
Yes, you will get an instant account credit when you ask for a replacement.

What are reasons I can return?
Disconnect, Wrong #, already worked, does not speak English, did not fill out quote form, incorrect credit, lead is old and not fresh as marked.

Do you offer refunds after I deposit funds in to the account?
No. All funds deposited in to your account are for data, leads, and or services credits only and have no cash value. We do and will replace any inaccurate leads you find.

Can I have a sample lead?
The smallest leads order we offer is 25 leads. This will give you a good sample

Do you buy leads?
At times, we will form a relationship with a media company, lead Generation Company, or publishers to get more inventory - however, it is rare.

Can I call one of your current clients to see if they like your service?
We do not share our clients information. If you know someone that uses us, sure you can contact them on your own. As a direct marketing company we do not subscribe to the BBB. Unfortunately the BBB is not direct marketing "friendly". However, you can check the BBB. We have no complaints.

How do you accept payments?
We accept checks, Credit cards, Bank wires, Credit terms, and PO (upon approval).









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