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Targeted Pop-up



Tactical Marketing provides the cleanest targeted B2B and B2C marketing in the industry. The Tactical Marketing database is comprised of over 17,900,000 business records and over 84,500,000 consumers records. Tactical Marketing provides marketing solutions to companies of all sizes, throughout the world on six continents.


Every computer in the world connected to the internet is assigned a unique number known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. These numbers are assigned in country-based blocks, allocated to ISPs who provide service to their service areas.

The Tactical Marketing database places every IP address in the world at your fingertips.

Tactical Marketing lists every ISP in the world, as well as the complete Arin, Ripe, Apnic and Lacnic allocations. The marketing database also includes zip codes of the US and Canada, telephone area codes, city and town names, state codes, time zones, and country codes. Tactical Marketing is able to search for and crosschecks blocks of client IP addresses which fall into and around your targeted customer area.

Targeting is available by continent, allocation, country, state, city, zip code, telephone area code, ISP name, or any search string.

For example clients can target geographically using our advanced database filter option such as:

Zip Code ie: 22443
Telephone area code ie: 206
Country code ie: US
Country full name ie: France
Town or City ie: Houston
State code ie: TX
ISP (Internet service provider) ie: Bell Atlantic
Any visible String ie: 216.143 or communications or cable etc.
With Tactical Marketing your Targeted Pop-UP advertisements can be scheduled to enable the distribution of your advertisements at certain set time intervals. For example, you might choose to send out a campaign every 6 hours. This option can be overridden at any time to adjust scheduling on the fly. Scheduling is useful for small geographical targeted locations or professions when you have a small window of opportunity to get run a successful campaign.

Additionally unlike an other Pop-Up advertisement providers we include the ability to process unsubscribe requests and add the requests to the filtered range list. The Tactical Marketing database automatically adds the users IP address to an unsubscribe list that will never be contacted again. The marketing database will also check for duplicates and will inform a user attempting to unsubscribe twice if they are already on the unsubscribe list. Tactical Marketing is the first to offer this feature for Pop-ups, this is a must have for companies who observe responsible marketing. Sending advertisements to these customers can become a nuisance to its recipients and a waste of your money.

Targeted Pop-up marketing is priced as followed:


100,000  Advertisements $300.00  (cost per unit 0.003)
300,000  Advertisements $450.00 (cost per unit 0.0015)
500,000  Advertisements  $550.00 (cost per unit 0.0011)




Order your Targeted Pop-up Service:

To Place your order for Targeted Pop-up Contact your Tactical Marketing partner or Click here
For more information on Targeted Pop-up contact your Account Manager or Click here

Tactical Marketing provides advertisement design and Guaranteed Results 

Tactical Marketing Designers create custom advertisements that capture your customers interest. Combined with Tactical Marketing data, the right offer, and the right sales team your marketing campaign will be a huge success. Tactical Marketing can create a new image for you, improve your existing advertisement design, or work with your internal design staff to format your current advertisement. For Design samples contact your Tactical Marketing partner by Click here
The most important factor when choosing a Marketing Firm is Results. Tactical Marketing provides Guaranteed Results based on the products and or services offered, current marketing conditions, the marketing media used, and marketing campaign size. For more information contact your Tactical Marketing partner by Click here





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