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Targeted Marketing Lists

Tactical Marketing provides targeted B2B and B2C marketing lists that

help you find new customers and allow your business grow.



Tactical Marketing is the data source for targeted mailing lists
The data for targeted marketing lists comes from the Tactical Marketing targeted database, which is comprised of over a Terabyte (1024 Gigabytes) of US and international consumers and businesses.


Tactical Marketing offers access to one of the largest databases of targeted B2B and B2C customers in the world. The Tactical Marketing marketing database has over 290,372,000  U.S.  business and consumers records; over 319,393,400 EU business and consumers records; and over 143,104,850 Latin America business and consumers records. Over 4,500,000 new records are received  annually and process within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data.

The collection for Tactical Marketing targeted marketing database is multi sourced to provide the most accurate marketing list available. For example, records are sourced from our internal database comprised of over a Terabyte (1024 Gigabytes of U.S., EU, and Latin America consumers, business, and telephone data), credit inquiries, the Internet, business registrations, professional trade organizations, payment experiences, public records, USPS, State and Federal files, and over 31 national and international databases. The data aggregated from these sources is then cross referenced with the multi source used to provide super clean and reliable marketing lists.

Tactical Marketing uses the most advanced technology available to identify consumer and Business entities in your demographics. Business and Consumer Demographics can be targeted using the following criteria

Examples of some  B2C database filters:

Continent Profession Credit and Income
Country Profession associations Interests
State/Provinces Age group Race/Ethnicity
City Gender Estimated Income
County Marital Status Property Type
Zip Code Homeowner/Renter opportunity Seekers
Area Code Home Market Value Donors & Contributors
MMA (Major Metro Area) Lifestyles Mail Order Buyers
Radius of Address Hobbies ...and more!


Examples of some  B2B database filters:

  Continent Business Type Company age
  Country Employee Size Company structure
  State/Provinces Sales Volume Purchasing power
  City Franchise/Branch Number of locations
  County Industry Group Ethnic-owned Businesses
  Zip Code Home Based Sales Growth
  Area Code Owner's Gender ...and more!
  MMA (Major Metro Area) Contacts by Job Title  
  Radius of Address Contacts by Job Function  



All Tactical Marketing Targeted Marketing List are Custom Built:
All Information ages and degrades. Tactical Marketing knows undeliverable advertisements waste companies assets and time. Over a one hour period: 240 business addresses will change; 63 new businesses will open their doors; 4 companies will change their names; over 7% of consumers will change address. To provide the Cleanest Marketing list in the industry Tactical Marketing updates the mailing records database over 1,360,000 times a day. 
Over 4,500,000 new records are received  annually and process within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data

When your company orders your targeted marketing list Tactical Marketing compiles, verifies, cross references the data of each record to ensure that you get the most accurate information. All potential un-deliverables and duplicates records are eliminated using the most sophisticated matching techniques available. Each record undergoes 43 separate stages before your Targeted List is ready to be formatted into your requested format and delivered.

Tactical Marketing can provide your company with the data format you request. Standard delivery methods are eMail, http download, ftp download, CD, floppy, and preprinted mailing labels.

Targeted Marketing Lists  prices are provided by Estimates. The pricing structure of your Targeted Marketing List varies based on targeted categories, and quantity.

When requesting an estimate please describe the services and or products you provide and the customer demographics you want to sell to. If you are new with Tactical Marketing you will be surprised at how fast and affordable our Creative Services can be!


Order your Targeted Marketing Lists:


 To order your Tactical Targeted Marketing Lists or to request information  Click here

For more information on Targeted Marketing Lists contact your Account Manager or Click here



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