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Local Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing is the foundation for every successful business in the country. However not all customers will respond to the same marketing. This is why at Tactical Marketing  we use multi channels of direct marketing to gain the most customers.
All small and medium size companies are faced with a do-this-or-do-that decision when planning your marketing strategies. There’s no limit to the number of channels and marketing tools that are available, so sometimes, due to resource restraints, most companies are forced to make the tough choices.

With the Tactical Marketing  marketing Services, we remove your need to make the choice of what marketing not to do. We do everything for you and allow you to close the sales. The distribution of special offers and other direct marketing offers are absolutely required to attract a larger pool of new prospective customers and to give repeat customers a reason to choose you over your competition. Direct marketing is also essential to generate a maximum return of repeat business from existing customers.

With Tactical Marketing , we can create and distribute your special offer within 24 - 48 hours. Simply tells us what you want to market, Who and where you want as customers. And then sit back while we do all the front-end work to get your business working on new sales.

The Tactical Marketing LaunchPad solution has six parts:

  • First we establish your most profitable customer criteria and build you an exclusive marketing database of local customers.

  • We build you and extensive local Marketing presence that is optimized to generate customers via Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop.

  • We get you listed on over 50 the search engines, maps, and business directories.

  • Then we use multi-channels of Direct marketing to drive new and repeat customers to your business.

  • On a weekly bases we analyze your results and re-tool your marketing to generate better and better results.

  • All Cities and or territories are 100% exclusive to one company (per industry). We do allow our customers to compete with each other to gain the consumers business… The customers must take the first step and work to get your attention and help.

Most importantly with all our solutions we do it all with a full-service team that takes care of everything for you. After you signup we do everything to get the customers to your business. You
receive a dedicated Marketing Specialist who is responsible for optimizing your account.
You are responsible for taking care of the customers after they call you or email you.


Interesting Facts:

  • 75% increase in profit is possible by small business owners who retain just 5% more of their existing customers.

  • 91% of consumers use email at least daily - exacttarget 2012

  • 78% of consumers use online reviews and social media to make buying decisions. - searchenginepeople 2013

  • 69% of consumers are more likely to use a local business if it has information available online. - comScore Networks / TMP Directional Marketing






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