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Bulk Mail Center

The Tactical Marketing Bulk Mail Centers provide businesses with direct marketing. We process and mail in bulk at reduced rates.

The Tactical Marketing Bulk Mail Centers are highly mechanized mail processing plants that are part of the National Bulk Mail System. These facilities distribute email advertisements, media packages, standard daily campaigns, and periodic market surveys. The Bulk Mail Center allows businesses with limited budgets to expand their marketing reach to all potential customers, locally, city wide, state wide, and even nation wide.
With the Tactical Marketing Bulk Mail Center, Cost is no longer the primary question. The sole question businesses need to determine, is number of customers they need to contact to generate the projected number of closed sales.
The Tactical Marketing Bulk Mail Center Service provides everything you need to grow your business, via direct marketing on a budget. All accounts include:

Targeted marketing lists:  that are sourced from our internal database comprised of over a Terabyte (1024 GB) of US and international consumer, business, and telephone data, credit, the Internet, business registrations, trade organizations, payment experiences, public records, USPS, Secretary of State files, and over 31 national and international databases. The data aggregated from these sources are cross referenced with multiple source to provide super clean and reliable marketing lists. Your cost is not based on your list filters, its based on your Bulk mail service you contract.

Delivery of your Bulk Mail:  to your targeted customers on a daily basis, or as ordered. All Bulk Mail Services are controlled by quality control systems that integrate all relevant state and Federal Laws and mandates. All Bulk Mail is fully compliant with all the latest State, Federal, and International laws & regulations, 100% of the time. 

Marketing management:  Professional management of your marketing. The entire Tactical Marketing team is responsible for managing your success. The Tactical Marketing partners oversee every stage of your marketing.  

Marketing Stats 24/7:  Tactical Marketing provides complete statistics for every campaign available for your review and download 24/7 on the Tactical website. Stats are displayed for every marketing campaign and show detailed information about the transmission and the successes per range.

Just a few of your Bulk Mailer Benefits:

  • Send hundreds or even thousands of advertisements, daily.

  • 100% compliant with all State and Federal laws

  • Never have your advertisement blocked

  • Receive notification your advertisements are read by customers.

  • Schedule your mailings to start automatically any time you want.

  • Say goodbye to expensive and slow returns of other direct marketing.

  • Free product support


    Order your Bulk Mail Service:

Tactical Marketing Bulk Mail Service are priced per unit. To  request information or to get a price quote Click here



Tactical Marketing provides advertisement design and Guaranteed Results 


Tactical Marketing Designers create custom advertisements that capture your customers interest. Combined with Tactical Marketing data, the right offer, and the right sales team your marketing campaign will be a huge success. Tactical Marketing can create a new image for you, improve your existing advertisement design, or work with your internal design staff to format your current advertisement. For Design samples contact your Tactical Marketing partner by Clicking Here

The most important factor when choosing a marketing Firm and media is Results. Tactical Marketing provides Guaranteed Results based on the products and or services offered, current marketing conditions, the marketing media used, and marketing campaign size.  For more information contact your Tactical Marketing by Clicking Here







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